Downlink MCS configuration on Individual Subscriber Modules

Summary: This configuration allows you to configure the Downlink Max Rate (MCS) for individual Subscriber Modules independent of other Subscriber Modules that could work on a higher or lower MCS rates and the Downlink Max Rate configuration on the Access point.

Products: All ePMP Subscriber Modules (802.11n and 802.11ac) with firmware 4.6.2 or later.


The Downlink Max Rate” specifies the maximum downlink MCS value that the Rate Adapt algorithm will choose.

A higher MCS value (e.g. MCS 9) carries more data but requires more link budget / stronger radio signal. Thus, MCS 9 provides the most data, but the least robust, and MCS 1 provides the least data, but the most robust link.

The Downlink Max Rate could be set on an individual Subscriber Module based on its performance that could be checked under the GUI>Monitor>Performance tab and set accordingly on it to stabilize the link.

In the example below we have more than 90% of the traffic on DS-MCS 9, therefore for this Subscriber Module, we could set the Downlink Max Rate to DS-MCS 9:


If the traffic distributed on DS-MCS 7, 8, and 9 sums up to 90%, still we could go with DS-MCS 9 as we are getting the 90% sum on the three consecutive levels.

Login to the web interface of the Subscriber Module and go to the path below:

Subscriber Module Web GUI>Configuration>Radio>Radio Configuration>Downlink Max Rate


Click on the drop-down menu under the Downlink Max Rate option and select the MCS rate for the downlink as desired:


Note: Based on the LINKPlanner file as well, we could check the Performance Details for each Subscriber Module and set it based on these values individually. (Path: Link>Performance Details>Details)

Below is the screenshot showing Mode Availability 99.999% (Five 9’s recommended) on DS-MCS 9 in Downlink and Uplink:


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