download backup files using telnet/SSH

Hi all,

is there a way to download a config file directly into a folder using telnet/ssh? 

also is there a way to download config file as a batch download 

etc : you have a  hundred link and you want to download all their config files in one go. 

I wrote a cronjob in Perl that runs on one of our Ubuntu servers, backing up all ePMP radios on the network every night at 3am.  I use SNMP and wget, something like this:



print “Preparing to backup ePMP radio at $ip.\n”;

my $r2=/usr/bin/snmpset -v2c -c$community $ip . i 1;
print $r2."\n";
sleep 5;
my $r2=/usr/bin/snmpget -v2c -OvU -c$community $ip .;
print $r2."\n";
my $r2=/usr/bin/wget -O /var/www/epmp.backups/sm/backup_$ip.bin $r2;
print $r2."\n";

Obviously this is only directly usable on linux, but the three main commands (the parts in backticks) should be adaptable to other environments.  (and actually I’ve gotten away from using shell commands in the perl script, this is an earlier simpler version of the script - these days I pull all the IPs from the monitoring DB and backup SMs, APs, and BHs in one script)

First command creats a binary backup (OID="cambiumFullCfgBackUp.0", set to integer 1), second command retrieves the URL at which that backup can be downloaded (OID="cambiumFullCfgBackUpLink.0"), third command actually downloads it.  If I were to guess, I'd suspect that the first two commands can be achieved via SSH/Telnet, but the download will need to be done outside the console session.

You can also use cambiumJSONCfgExport.0 and cambiumJSONCfgExportLink.0 to get JSON instead of binary config file if desired, and if you want to really do it 'right' you'd pay attention to cambiumFullCfgBackUpStatus.0 or cambiumJSONCfgExportStatus.0 after triggering the backup, to know if the backup is ready to download or if an error occurs.