Download Quality & Download Capacity

Hi All

I would like to understand the Download Quality & Download Capacity parameters presented in ePMP1000/2000 BS ,Registered Subscriber Modules (wireless --> monitor) 

I can get download quality 100% but only  Download Capacity 20%, i can guess it related to high retransmission (BER/PER)


Appriciate your assitanse 

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Quality is relative to your error and retransmission rates. Capacity is directly related to modulation state mixed with error and retransmission rate. So a 100% quality link with 20 percent capacity would be a link that has very little retransmission or errors on the link. Ideal for VoIP and so forth but is running at a low code rate so the performance is limited.

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Looking at your screen shot, you’ve got CPE local interference stopping it from coding up. Use a narrower antenna like a force 200, or try another channel. The AP isn’t hearing the noise nearly as loud as the CPE.