Downloaded cnMaestro 3 for the first time

Good morning,

i’ve downloaded the new cnMaestro 3 on a separate virtual machine for testing.
I’ve seen that i have already the X version instead the Essential.
Is correct? Maybe is a trial? Maybe is full because the purchase will be available soon?


Hi Telemar,

You are right. As of now, by default cnMaestro X is activated in On-Prem since release - 3.0.0. Since there is no activation support for On-Prem yet, customers using X features must purchase a subscription. It would be honor-based till 3.1.1, and activation support will come in as part of 3.2.0 scheduled for Q1-2022.



So until the 3.1.1 we can use it “for free” (testing obviously) and after that the use of the Pro features (cnMaestro X) must be purchased.

Yes, free for evaluation but anyone using it for production must purchase a subscription. As I said, it is honor-based till 3.1.1, but cnMaestro X is paid from 3.0.0 even for On-Prem.

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