Downtilt Need at 150'

When using cambiums 90 degree sectors how much is any downtilt is needed if you max distance client is 6 miles and tower hieght is 150'  Using 2.4ghz 


I strongly recommend using LinkPlanner to determine the downtilt required. Its available here:

Every deployment is unique and it will be incorrect to provide you a general recommendation. LinkPlanner will get you closer to predicting the required titl to achieve the link budget and performance you are looking for. 

Of course, recommendations from the community is equally valuable as well. So hopefully someone chimes in. 



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If you google 'antenna downtilt calculators' you'll find a number of sites that provide fill-in-the-blanks tools for getting an approximation. It's probably not going to be as accurate as LinkPlanner, because LinkPlanner has all the exact specifications of Cambium specified antennas and thus the coverage area will be more accurate. If you're using 3rd party antennas YMMV.


In my experience, 0 Degrees.  It's my understanding the Cambium sectors have a certain amount of 'Downfill'.  This 'Downfill' is designed to ensure the close clients don't get overshot, and therefor, setting the sectors to 0 Degrees gives you the best coverage.  This is with grain legs at about 130' or so, and somewhat flat terrain, maybe some hills here and there.  Obviously, using Link Planner is going to give you the best scientific approach to setting your tilt, however, as far as hearing someone's opinoin for tilt, as I stated above, 0 Degrees is what has been the best option for us.


Perfect Man, Ur A Genius, I will Do it tomorrow, i will put the antena to 0 downtilt haha

150' tower and reasonably flat land, I'd definitely do 0* tilt.

If you have a valley, you might use some mechanical tilt, but I doubt it.