Dropping logs and/or a snapshot "offline" from Customer SM if Intermittent drops happen

Is there a way that if a customers SM is having issues, ether power drops or session drops, That their log history can push to a place in maestro  so that, in the cases we cannot access the SM cause it is down, we can view the logs to figure out what potentially is going on. The Drop can be  a snapshot, even of the last known activity. Power,dBs, Session and uptime with their logs as well. 

I understand that if a SM goes down a log cannot be sent, but in instances there are multiple drops, maybe after a 3rd or whatever number that can be obtained through data, can be uploaded as priority when up again kind of scenario. 

Thank you RayS, Looking forward to potentially seeing this. 

IS there a way to increase the amount of logs, or have it adjustable so in case a customer is having issues we can turn on "logging option" and increase the date range or line range of reports kept? Sorry if this needs to be another question, if so can do as such.