dual band, dual slant antennas?

anyone used dual slants with 5g epmp?   we noticed a reasonable MCS improvment over liner on the 2g band and i'd love to find a good dual band basestation antenna thats slanted

I've done quite a bit of research and I'm not aware of any manufacturer that produces a 5GHz dual slant sector or client antenna. I believe UBNT has just released some proprietary 5GHz dual slant dishes, intended for PtP for their AF5x radios.

If you can find a 5Ghz slant sector there are a number of dishes on the market that could be used for the CPE. KP's "feedhorn" reflector can be run slant, the ubnt slant dishes would work, the ignitenet 2' dish can be run at 45*, etc.  The force 110 can also be modified for 45*.

That said, is it worth the added work and/or expense?  Probably depends on your environment.