Dual Pol Antenna PTP820

Hi there 

Does anyone know why there is no option to select dual pol antenna in the link planner for PTP820 links. 


Hi Avinesh,

The preferred method of mounting PTP 820 antennas is through a direct mount where dual polarization configurations use an OMT onto the single polarization antennas. LINKPlanner has some options for dual polarization antennas in some bands by selecting the remote mount option (see 6 and 11 GHz). Dual polarization antennas cannot be directly mounted to the PTP 820 radios and therefore will incur additional loss for the Flex Waveguide. Flex Waveguide will also require maintenance over the longer term, which may reduce the reliability of the link.



Hi Rachel

Thank you for the input. Does this mean that ACAP configuration is possible using SP antenna with OMT. 

Please do advise