Dual Polarity Antenna for PTP550

Just looking for info/opinions on best high performance dual polarity 3ft antenna for a connectorized ptp 550.


We’ve had excellent experiences with the KP Proline series and Radio Waves High Performance series (beware, they’re spendy but truly carrier class!).

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Thank you for your response. we currently are using Altelix 34db 3ft antenna. They are definitely cost effective but I do not think they work as well as I would like. I will take a look at the ones you suggested!


Dont ask but I found the feed horn on the Altelix is better if you flip it upside down. I had to do this when replacing some cheap cables with proper ones and noticed an improvement that was confirmed by placing the cheap cables back on. Maybe its just how the feed is setup in the wave guide? Never bothered to figure it out as we just place them upside down (v port up) because of the cable requirements.


I have a couple KP Pro line 3ft and found them to be very good. Cables are a bit short for our needs but they do work.

The Radiowaves are expensive but the quality is there! They are built to last, I have an old one that was abandoned on a tower I aquired, still works great. But I would go with a proline unless you need to go 6ft or larger

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I appreciate the info! So may I ask what type of improvements you saw when the Altelix horn was flipped?

We saw an sinr gain of 3 points that was constant across 5 different dishes. No dB gains that was noticeable but I will take clairity over brute force any day.

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