Dual Polarized Flat Panels

I am looking for a recommendation for a 1 - 2’ flat panel dual polarized antenna to use in a NLOS PTP600 scenario. Using LinkPLANNER, and using the integrated 23 dBi Motorola antenna I have 99.9996% availability in lowest modulation mode. I would like to find an antenna with around 28 dBi of gain, keeping an eye on my cable loss, but not have to go parabolic. The installation situation and scenario is a bit restrictive.

Any suggestions?



MTI have some higher gain flat panels in dual pol.
NLOS and restrictive install conditions dont really go together too well…

28db of gain is probably going to require a 2ft flat panel. The wind loading and difficulty of aligning such an antennas almost always makes it much more reasonable to install a 2ft parabolic dish. Radiowaves makes a 2ft flat panel dual pol if you really need it.

I would really use a parabolic, tighter beam feild will help keep background noise out we’ve got radio waves sp5.2 with a 5 degree spread…

also the PTP 600 isn’t always the best choice when in a NLOS condition… check the link planner for the 400 and 500 series… we’ve noticed in poor signaling conditions the 400 and 500 series will have better thru put and better up time.

600 hands down gets the best in good signaling conditions