Dual Slant antennas

Are Dual Slant antennas available on all PMP450 platforms?

All PMP450 bands EXCEPT for 5ghz have OEM dual slant sector antennas available. Dual slant 5ghz sector antennas are very rare, but you can find some through 3rd parties, like KP Performance.

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Thank you for that info

Can you also verify for me if all 450 platforms use vertical horizontal antennas? I was told they do.

Any connectorized radio can use any polarization from Cambium or 3rd parties. You’ll typically want to make sure both sides polarization match. Cambium’s OEM antennas are typically chosen/designed with the ideal polarities and other characteristics, like high F/B ratios, optimal 3 and 6db fall offs and null fill, etc. There are some types of antennas, like dual-band, horn/scaler, non-standard or uncommon polarities like circular, that Cambium does not have available as an OEM option.