Dynamically controlling Max Registration

Hi Guys,

We recently ran into a predicament when our ePMP 2000 radios are slowly filling up.

We set our Max registration to 25 in order to have enough clients on and be able to manage bandwidth.

But the problem comes in when adding clients onto our older radios where a client would for instance drop their links power and go away for holiday, then a few days later a brand new client would take their place.

The issue comes in when the old client comes back from holiday but since their place got taken they can no longer connect to the radio.

Is there perhaps a manner to solve an issue like this dynamically, where as instead of creating a whitelist and always needing to update other radios with who's currently connected in order for an issue like this not to occur again in the future. I'm not that experienced when it comes to this but I just wondered if something like this is possible.

Would really appreciate any assistance on this matter.

I can't wrap my head around what you are asking.. It seems like a simple thing but the more I think about it the more I know I must not understand what you are doing.

Why would you use Max registration on the AP to control bandwidth ?  We leave max registration at max. I have some ap's that have no problems with 55 clients connected and others that we started having problems when 20 clients were using it.  The reason being is some customers use very little bandwidth and you could probably get 125 of them on an AP and never use more than 30Mbps of bandwidth. At the same time there are other customers that use every bit of bandwidth their connection can provide while simultaneously running speedtest after speedtest after speedtest and 25 of them would probably melt the sector.

Then you have customer radios that are connected but they don't use any data at all because they haven't paid their bill and their account is shut off.

Without knowing more about how you are set up I would say don't use the Max connections like that or allow yourself 40 and when you start getting above 25 start working on whatever you need to do to get more AP's on that tower stop selling service on it or whatever.

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The max registration setting and concept is absolutely annoying as hell. No reason for it at all.

If you are using it to keep your clients from associating, you aren't managing your network properly to begin with. 

The problem is that you are using max association setting. Not because people come back from holiday. Add more AP's if you have bandwidth issues.

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