E2e Migration error

Using L2, no vlans deployed but I get this error …

Glenn, I think that error should say different networks rather than different vlan. It’s sensing that E2E’s address is in a different network than the v5000 address (fd00:ba5e:88:: vs fd00:ba5e:6de3::slight_smile: The node should be in the fd00:ba5e:6de3:: network. I’d make the node address fd00:ba5e:6de3:126b:01::1, or some address in the same /64 prefix as the E2E. Then they are on the same network.

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That worked painlessly, I suppose the no IPv6 knowledge is gonna keep biting me if I don’t get a base level of competence.

The cute surprise I got was after the migration got rolling cnMaestro asked for the serial number of the v5000(POP) in order to claim it, good thing it was on the floor beside me, that would have been a rude surprise in the field :rofl:

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It’s because of cnWave that I’ve had to learn IPv6 - it still warps my mind at times.