E2E migration fail

Had a rough time last weekend, figured I’d discuss it here and see if anybody has insights …
I had setup a significant test in my office that went without a hitch and so I unleashed the migration tool on my little (29 nodes) production network. After five or ten minutes of nothing notable happening in cnMaestro cloud version I clicked on the new controller and it started showing the sites and asked for the POP unit’s serial # just as had occurred in my practice.
The rest of nodes did not show as red or green for offline/online but rather just in grey or black and indicated they required the serial #'s for each, I dug into the backup.tar.gz to look for them but they were nowhere obvious.
Panic setting in I tried to load the backup, cnmaestro was having none of that, tried restarting the e2e controller that had run as onboard for a year, no joy, devices being claimed by another controller says no way jose.
Fine, I figure its not that many nodes I’ll just go through the tedium of retrieving ech node’s serial # and be back in action …
No such luck, wireless links come up from the pop node but next nodes remain offline, I assume this is an IPv6 route/gateway issue but after a brief struggle trying to fake my through this I felt I’d had enough and just wanted network back the way it was before the clients on it got their torches and pitchforks together …

I wiped all the nodes out of the external e2e and factory reset the POP, loaded the backup and too many hours later was back where I started before I touched anything.

Anybody else seen mayhem like this ? Got any pointers/suggestions ?


  1. Maestro should not be asking POP/DN serial number especially when you are migrating to the same maestro instance.
    Can you share the techdump to get more details on it.

  2. POP node coming online but other node not coming online is probably a recipe where controller is not able to route packets to the prefix address which gets assigned to CN and DN.

We need to add static route for prefix address in controller to POP address or enable auto manage route feature which will take care of adding and managing these routes.