E400 2D radiation pattern

Is the 2D radiation pattern found in official datasheet for e400


correct one?

Second and third graph are the same although they shouldn't be.

Also I find it very strange that orientation left/right (East/West) has about 8dBm difference which makes omni antenna not so perfectly omni 360.

I believe ceiling mount should be optimal for our office coverage as it always was with omni antennas but I am a little bit worried about this good NE to poor SW gain difference.

Is it possible to get more detailed and easily understood pattern like this?


There are more antenna patterns here that might be of use: https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/e400/

I personally wouldn't overthink the antenna patterns too much, I’ve found the coverage to be good in general but if this is a new deployment I’d consider using the E410 anyway (the antenna patters are a little more balanced on the E410 as well).

You can also always complete a virtual heatmap if you’re in need of more accurate information.