E400 after upgrade to dhcp requests not answered

We recently upgraded our ap’s for a customer to, Ever since the upgrade we are getting calls that people cannot move traffic. When we investigate the issue we are seeing that they have a 169.254 ip address. We did a packet capture on the ap as someone was trying to connect and we see requests for dhcp being sent from the client but no responses to them are coming from the e400. If we reboot the access point the problem goes away for a time but then starts up again.

Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this?

Hi ,
How many AP’s are there in the network? What is the deployment model ? enterprise , commercial complex, small office , small retail store, etc. Please share the number of client on average connect to each AP. If more than one AP is there in the network? please explain. Normally running DHCP server is not suggested for bigger deployments. Did you use the packet capture facility available in the AP to perform the packet capture ? if so, can you please share the packet capture output here.



are we using dhcp server on stand alone access point? or dhcp server is outside the ap?