E400 cnMaestro issue

I have an e400 that was been onboarded a long time ago in cnMaestro. 

It looks completely normal in cnMaestro (on, no events, etc) but on the unit itself there is an orange network light. 

When I log into the unit, it says "Device approval pending" on the main status page. 

Clients are connecting and it works fine so I have not rebooted it yet. I suspect it will clear the issue when I do but has anyone else seen this?

Running v3.6-r16


Please help  me with following information:

  • What is the status on cnMaestro when device GUI is showing "Device Approval Pending"
    • Does it show "Offline"
    • Please click on refresh button which is present at right most corner on the cnMeatro dashboard.
  • Please share the tech-support of AP.
    • Procedure to download tech-support.
      • Login to GUI of deivce
      • Navigate to operation page
      • Click on Download-Tech-support
      • Email me at shashank.tadakamadla@cambiumnetworks.com

cnMaestro showed totatly clean. Online, no events etc.

Yesterday, I made a minor change in one of the WLAN's on the AP and the problem disappeared. 

I did not reboot or anything. Just hit save.

The orange light had been on for a few days (Not sure how long). Now it's green again. Sows Registered in the AP status page. 

Tech support file on the way.

Hey Martin did you happen to notice what the sync status was before the problem cleared up?

This particular e400 was not part of an AP group so Sync Status was N/A