E400/E500 APs not in sync, failed to push configuration to device

i am trying to load this on cnmaestro but recieving error in subject line.

could you please share the failure reason code available in configuration job section in cnMaestro at shashank.tadakamadla@cambiumnetworks.com

If you are using cloud, please invite me to your account.

Hi, it should give you a message as to why it failed by sync.

This is located in Application > Sync Configuration. The message should be under “Sync Status”.

I have the same error, can do it?

On what firmware are APs?

Please share device details and SYNC error code.

i have the Same Problem here, Typ: E410
Not in Sync: Configuration failed: wlan2_ssid:SSID cannot be duplicated across WLAN profiles.
Software Version 4.2-r15

the wlan specialist is on vacation and he did the configuration one day before his vacation.

The error that you are seeing is because of same WLAN names used in 2 WLAN profiles can you please use different SSID names for WLAN1 and WLAN2


oh, okay. that’s really all. Thanks :slight_smile: