E400 Hotspot and EAP


Brand new to E400 and trying to understand the setup. My intent is to get an external website (portal) hotspot going with radius.

I have a simple test bed setup where I can see traffic hitting my FreeRadius server. I'm using an android phone (only extra device available) to connect to the e400's wifi.

What I expect is to be able to connect the the wifi without any settings and be redirected to my portal site for login. Instead I'm prompted by android to supply eap method, phase 2 auth method, user name and password.

Fundamental question. What am I missing? On the FreeRadius side all I did is create my own snake oil cert. But I didn't provide the CA to the E400. Is this the issue? If so I don't see any mention of certs in the e400 GUI.

Please set me straight.


Well someonew just told me that the extra security that eap offers is simply not possible in a public hotspot. Once I set the security to open but left the radius in place I got the expected (albiet less secure) behavior.


Hi Bill,

If I am correct this is your requirement,

1. Configure WLAN with captive portal service

2. Captive portal server mode is external

3. Captive portal user needs to be authenticated with your Free Radius server

Now if it is not working please let us know

Its working. Somehow I convinced myself that I could have eap like security in this setup. So it was just a misunderstanding on my part.