E400 Internet Setup


First time setup here.

I have an e400 setup through my modem, and have an SSID setup that I can connect to. But it has no internet coming through it. How do I setup that part?


- e400 wired to an ASUS DSL-AC68U Modem/router.

- The ASUS has internet connected that it working fine.

- Have setup a WLAN in the e400 that I can connect to, but unable to get interent through it.

What are my next sets to get this working?



Hi Joel,

1. clients are getting IP address from where ?

2. and who is the default gateay for the client?

3. Does e400 is able to ping to internet? 

4. Does wireless client and e400 all are in same IP Subnet?

Please share e400 configuration file. 

Hi Chan,

Thanks for the quick reply.

I think I have solved my problem. I restarted everything and it is working now. 

Feel free to delete this thread.