E400 not able to access LAN


I have configured e400, but im not able to access my LAN subnet, I have created 2 VLAN vlan1(default VLAN) and VLAN 10 to be used to access the DHCP server. vlan 1 i have assigned ip, thats my LAN subnet and subnet for dhcp wireless. So on wireless i cant manage to access subnet.

see below configs


I brought up the setup as per your configuration.

And I was able to ping VLAN1 subnet from wireless client(on VLAN10). And I was able to ping to www.google.com also.

So to debug further, can you share AP techdump support.


It has now worked. Than you very much

Another Question;

I have created a different WLAN for guest, how can i restrict the guests from accessing LAN subnet


Can you please provide detailed explanation of your requirement?

Please tell us

- You want to block accessing AP management page from associated wireless client(Guest client)?

Explanation; in e400, I Have 2 WLANs. 1 for staff they can access internet and also organization LAN, 2 for guests only, i want the guest to access internet only and not my organization LAN.

To work as per your requirement, you need to add acl in Guest WLAN.

PFA setup diagram with acl rules.

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