E400's replacing a controller based architecture


We are looking at replacing an old Motorola RFS6000 and AP's for a client, they have diffrent networks on different ESSID's. I am looking for the easiest way to replicate this using the E400's , Unfortunatley we dont look after the wired network and this is beiing replaced soon as well, so using VLAN's intergrating with the wired network isnt going to be an option.  The AP estate is spread accross mulitple sites but these sites are connected using Cambium PTP links so it is mostly a flat network.

Currently the RFS6000 controller dishes out the right network to the mapped ESSID, it has  4 networks of which they all have seperate cabling to the RFS6000.  I was thinking some sort of L2TP concentrator which would act as the controller seperating the networks.

Ideas please!


Release 3.0 introducted the ability to tunnel WLAN traffic over L2TPv2. You can terminate the traffic on any device that supports tunneling of layer 2 traffic over L2TP 

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Please mail me Channareddy.ireddy@cambiumnetworks.com if any technical help is needed on this requirements.

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