E410 on firmware update 3.11 to 4 power lost, and dont boot

a E410 power lost while firmware update, and always show green led, sintoms:

  1. Local ping, pefect
  2. http GUI, no access
  3. telnet CLI, no access


  1. Power off 8 times, 99999654645 times :) and
    1. Connect via 169.254.x.x, only ping work
    2. Connect via, only ping work
    3. Connect via local dhcp, only local ping work

Please help....


Please send private email to shashank.tadakamadla@cambiumnetworks.com


With the incomplete image upgrade, ap shall boot from the previous image without any issue. when we do 8 times power off and on, it will boot from other partition. With the image upgrade failure, ap will be having only one image to boot. 

When we say ping is working, hope IP is resolved to right of MAC of the device. Do we see AP forming connection to cnMaestro?

Hi Channareddy, sorry but no CnMaestro conecction....