E410 Repeater mode

Hello I am new with Cambium products
Ihave to setup three CnPilot E410 in this configuration:
One should be the main and the others two must be configured as repeater of the first, can you provide me some instructions or a guide to solve this problem?

  1. Create an account on a cloud controller.
  2. Create a WLAN (it will configure the SSID there)
  3. Configure the AP Group, set all the radio, network and other parameters there, add the previously configured WLAN to the configuration
  4. Add all 3 devices to the group.
  5. Use WiFI

is possible to do that without the cloud?

Yes. Just set the same SSID and password on each.
All 3 are connected via ethernet to the sames witch ?

First of all, the access points are connected to the same switch, each in a different room.
if I understand correctly it can be done without the cloud, practically I have to program the access points with the same identical configuration
then the various tablets and smartphones will automatically connect to a different one every time they are in a different room, but all will be seen as a single ssid.
quite right?
Because this is the situation I have to solve.

Yes it will work like that.
But remember, only new phones and tablets work properly with roaming on one SSID.
Fo example Galaxy S7 has a lot of problem with this :(, S20+ working ok.

if i configure everything as indicated in this guide? what differences are there? is it better or not?

Mesh is dedicated for APs without lan connection.
If all of your APs are connected via LAN mesh is not needed.

since you requirement is to keep 3 APs which are connected on the same LAN segment. you can follow below steps,

  1. it is recommended to manage these 3 aps from cnMaestro cloud
  2. this flexibility in configuration and firmware management apart from stats veiw
  3. configure site and claim these 3 APs
  4. configure WLAN profile and attach to AP group
  5. push same ap group to all these 3 aps

you can take help from Cambium Support team if needed

my problem is that I don’t know how to do that, is there an online guide?

I found how to do it all but in synchronizing the configuration I get this error:

Not In Sync

Sync Configuration

Configuration failed: radio1_drf_num_per_samples:specified parameter greater than maximum

Update firmware over cloud first then sync config.

it worked… now I can sync the config thanks


What was your 1st time experience on managing cambium APs from Cloud cnMaestro? Did you find difficult or it was ok or smooth experience in managing and push cnfg to cnPilot APs?

it was my first experience using cambium cloud, I have to say that I did it quite easily

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