E425/E430 Replacements

Just poking around to see if the 425 / 430 ranges will see an WiFi 6 equivalent ?

Have a pretty big industrial container type install that we have to tackle in around 6 months time.

Hello @djdrastic , we have a Wi-Fi 6 Wallplate AP targeted for late Q3 release.


can you share your specs with us? Are there certain features or basically what the e425H and/or e430H have, but wifi 6 capable. Thanks

POE in.
POE out on at least one port.
A managed switch, layer 2 tagging.
Wifi antennas/amps that are spec’d so 2.4/5/6 go the same distance.
MESH compatability
DC Voltage connector

Hi Jim, pretty much the same as the current 425/430 models.My cabling installers take the generic wall bracket and affix it to the structure w/cable trunking.In those industrial environments we prefer running MDU style inside the containers because it requires no climbing ie WAH and we can get the WIFI as close to the users as possible as the RF inside those shipping containers is positively awful.

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ok good to know. the new wifi 6 wall plate will use the same single-gang bracket as the e425H/e430H so it will be an easy roll-out for you.