E430H first look

I've had an opportunity to work with the new E430H recently. This is an impressive device. Nice solid build (with a hefty heatsink basically forming the back of the unit), compact size, so much flexibility. Clearly a significant amount of attention was paid when planning its design. (and that of its predecessor, the E430W which I've not used)

It's primarily intended to be powered via POE through the Eth1 gigabit port on the back, which will usually be inside the single- (or double-) gang wall box. Alternatively it has a 48v DC jack on the bottom. Also along the bottom there are three more gigabit ports, including one with POE to power another device. Then there's the PassThru ports – one on the back and one on the bottom. Many possibilities here – it's two RJ-45 8-pin ports, wired straight through. So you can pass a single or multiline phone connection out of the wall. Or an independent ethernet or POE line. (Or serial port) Or you can run POE in to the bottom one and jumper the back one over to the Eth1 POE input if in-wall wiring isn't workable. (there's a surface-mount wall bracket and a desktop stand available)

You may notice I haven't even mentioned WiFi yet. That's not because there's anything wrong with it, just that there's so much above and beyond the wireless side of things that this device offers, and IMHO does right. There's just so many different ways this unit can be utilized. Retrofitting a cinderblock-walled apartment building or hotel? Set the units to Mesh on 5GHz and offer local wireless AP service on 2.4GHz, or vice-versa, power locally with 48VDC, and avoid the stress and effort of all the through-walll wiring. Need to drop wifi and VOIP desk phone into each unit? Run one of these and jack the phone into Eth4 for a clean, one-wire setup.

So yes, it has impressive WiFi capabilities, with 802.11ac wave2 and high-gain 2x2 antennas, but the true beauty of this device is all the other things it does so well, and all the different ways you can find to use it. (Plus kickass WiFi.)

The only thing I can think of that would be an improvement is if Cambium offered a version of it with inbuilt ATA, with one of the bottom RJ45 ports replaced with RJ11.  Powering a VOIP desk phone via the POE output is great, but there are times when using analog phones but connecting them to VOIP service would be a benefit.



Just wanted to add a post, call it "E430H inside look"...


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