E430w and e501 templates

I have a little experience writing custom templates for my 3.65 devices (PMP450s), but ran into a roadblock when trying to apply the same method to e430 and e501 models. I'm sure it's a simple matter, but so far haven't run across any good examples, so perhaps someone can assist. This is what the file looks like when downloaded from an e501 (see attached). When I try to load this into a json editor it won't validate, most likely because it isn't a json file. So, when I try to modify the file to change, say, my DNS servers, the template-builder inside cnMaestro doesn't like it at all. 

Does anyone out there have an experience they can share? I must need a special type of editor, since I can't modify the config on the CNM popup.

cnPilot devices work a little differently to fixed wireless devices. "Templates" from cnPilot devices can be found in Configuration > WLANs and AP Groups. But they are called WLANs and AP Groups not templates.

From WLANs and AP Groups you can export a WLAN or AP Group make changes in a text editor and re-import them later. Or you can do my preferred method which is to use the "User-Defined Overrides" from the AP group to make changes to individual devices.

Can I please ask what you are trying to achieve? Hopefully me or someone else can point you in the right direction.

Thanks for the clarification--I can see what you're talking about. The process of setting up AP Groups and WLANs seems very convoluted, but I will play around with that and see what I can do. The problem I ran into is that I have already claimed these devices under the "Networks" tab under a "Site" listing, so when I tried to create a new AP Group and add one of the e430s to the group to test, Maestro tells me that it has already been claimed. So, I assume I will need to remove all the APs from the Network side and re-claim them over in an AP Group before I can apply the configurations? I've always been a little fuzzy about the distinction between the Networks Tab and the WiFi AP Groups tab.

I would like to set up scripts where I can change the DNS servers on all the units at the same time, without logging into each one. And if I can get that to work, I would like to build a config to change the password on all of them if the need arises.

Thanks again for the reply!

The WLAN's / AP Groups model is a little different when compared with the fixed wireless solutions but in my opininon it is a better system (maybe that's because I'm a traditonal Wi-Fi guy and it's what I'm familar with).

You don't have to remove the device from cnMaestro to move it to a different site or new AP group. You can go into the configuration of the AP and select what site the AP belongs to (screenshot below):

Changing the DNS or password can all be done from the GUI (as can almost every other setting). You just need to go into the config of the AP Group or WLAN depending on the setting you are changing.

For example the DNS settings can be changed in: AP Groups > Default Enterprise > Configuration > Network

After your changes have been made you can simply "sync" the device and this will update all APs accordingly.