E500 at the 4 Peaks Music Festival

Hello everyone, just thought I'd share some photos from our weekend so far providing internet to a large local outdoor event called the 4 Peaks Music Festival, located in Central Oregon. We're using (3) E500 AP's, (2) of which are in mesh mode, using 5GHz as their mesh frequency and 2.4 as their client frequency. We're using a Cambium PMP450 connectorized 3.65 radio w/2' dish for BH, we're getting about 50mbps on the downlink, and 15 on the uplink. We have a private/WPA2 secure network for staff/vendors, and a public/open network for everyone else. We're using the built in rate limiting features that the E500's offer. Everything is working well so far! The mesh feature is great, and working better then expected despite the distances and number of RV's between POP's. So far the max number of clients we've seen associate is 56... and rising!


Shouldn't this Access Point be placed horizontally, not vertically? It has omni antenna, not sector.