E500 Mesh or use Force 180 Backhaul


I'm setting up a 180 space RV park with six E500's.  This will replicate the current AWDMESH network in place, AWDMESH is EOL and is shutting down their cloud in Feb 2017.  See attachment maps.

The E500 units will be 18 feet up on light poles with clear line of sight, no trees, no obstacles.  I planned on having one mesh base from the office and five mesh clients on 5G and clients on 2.4.  The furthest mesh client will be 600 feet from the base office.  The current AWDMESH system averages 39Mbps on that 600 foot mesh run on 5g.  Unfortunately the Office base is not centralized but at the entrance of the park.  I was hoping the E500 will be as good if not better than the current network. 

If for some reason the E500 cannot mesh on 5g up to 600 feet with decent speed and latency, does anyone recommend using two Force 180's to serve as a backhaul from the base to the furthest mesh client, therefore converting the 600 foot mesh client to a base? Is the force 180 the proper product or should I be looking at a different product?  Any input on the network setup and backhaul is really appreciated.

Hi Esalced,

E500 will cover Max range of  275m (900 Ft); however, actual range will vary depending on local RF conditions and client capability.

I checked the attachements; however, it does not have enough information which we need. So, could you please contact us on this number 1888-863-5250 or email us at support@cambiumnetworks.com with your contact details (Phone number, email address, available timing with time zone). So that we can create a support case for you and contact your over phone or email to help you on this and get it fixed.


Vijay Gnanamurtthi

Thank you Vijay.  I opened a ticket with support.