E500 - No indoor channel support?

We have gotten our first batch of E500, and we are unable to set indoor channels, ex. 36 - 64. Why isn't this allowed? We are planning to use this batch of E500 indoor in an ruggedish environment and don't want to set DFS channels for stability reasons.


please share ap tech support, we shall be able to help you. you can take ap tech dump from ui - 

Operations --- System --- Download Tech Support 

you can send mail to channareddy.ireddy@cambiumnetworks.com

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Hi Nichlas,

AP500 is for outdoor deployment. From the AP tech dump we can see you are using country code as NO (Norway). For Norway country for outdoor deployment channels 36 to 64 are not allowed. Same channels are allowed on E400. The allowed channels for E500 in Norway is 100-116 and 132-140.

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