E500 on Harbor

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Just wanted to share with you. The biggest port in Buenaventura Colombia recived some big ship in new bays they builded. Today is the opening event with the president and de press.

The Port asked for an upgrade(they have 90, asked for 180mbps) and wifi for the event.

We have ptp600 there(adaptive), so we are able to deliver. and used ptp450i and E500 for the wifi.

Here is the link of the setup: 


Later will post how it went.


Thank you! Proud to see E500!

Thank you! Proud to see E500!

Could you please let us know, what is expected no. of max. users?

Thank You.

The event had very tight security, and there  were not much people conected(around 30 ) but we also have E500 on a mall with free internet and we see around 80 people conected 97% smartphones using 25mbps.

Thanks for the update.

1. What is the WAN link speed? Is it 100 Mbps and more?
2. You mean to say the average speed the clients are getting 25 Mbps?

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The E500 have gigabit port, but I only have tested them on fastethernet.

on the mall, the total usage for sector is 25mbps, for 80 smartphones is a lot... they have a 25mbps plan.

E500, E400 or hotspot put 82mbps on spreed test in our office. (fastethernet)

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Great Job Juan!  Thanks for sharing your success story. We want to see you succeed more!