E500, why does the 5ghz not connect but 2.4 does?

History, My network has been set up for 3 yrs and has worked flawlessly. I own a campground and have three E500’s at different locations. Both 2.4 and 5ghz radios are set up on all 3. Today I installed a 4th E500, and after install noticed I could not log onto the 5g only the 2.4. I verified PW was correct, then checked the other APs. I couldn’t connect to the 5g on them either. Anyone know reason for this? Campground is closed, I was only one on the network. Thanks.

Please share tech-support.

Not sure what you mean, how do i share?

In the user guide page 130 under chapter 11: Operations → System → Download Tech Support “User will be prompted with permission to download tech-support from AP. If yes, file will be saved in your default download path configured on your system.”

Looks like you still haven’t read through the user guide? As mentioned before, this is enterprise level equipment. There are a lot of features and ways to configure it. I STRONGLY recommend that you spend some time going through the user guide to familiarize yourself with this product.