E510 - MESH issue soft 4.2.1-r12

It appears when using mesh in 4.2.1-r12 software.
Client + master + client ssid settings.
The network does not enforce the channel settings, first of all. Instead of going up above 100 (as it’s set), it stays at 36 !!
It does not make connections despite the correct settings.
This is what happens in the 510 master mode.
If it is a client and master 410, everything works fine :slight_smile:

No problem on 4.1.1 !!!

Can you please share me the config or techsupport files of master and client AP’s to my email id ashok.kumar@cambiumnetworks.com I will check and get back to you.

I’m very sorry. but I didn’t have time for that. We sat until the night setting up the equipment for the project.
There was no time to download files.

How to recreate the environment.

  1. In the 5 GHz radio we set specific channels: 100 104 108. 112 116 136 140 (AP group setting)
  2. Set on 510 with 4.2.1-r12 client mesh on 5GHz, add master mesh on 5Ghz and any client SSID. Important - country set to Poland !

Take any other device, it was 410 for us, configure the same, i.e. mesh client + mesh master + client ssid enabled.

View at 510.
It will set the 5GHz channel to 36 instead of 100 (the first one indicated in the configuration), sh wireless mesh will show nothing?!.
You cannot connect to it with MESH.
After going down to version 4.1.1 everything works perfect !!

In the reverse direction on 4.2.1 no problem.
So if 510 of 4.2.1 is a client and 410 is a master, everything works fine.

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Now I am 100% sure that MESH does not work with the country setting Poland!
Please check it carefully