E600 struggling with over 30 clients

We have around 50 E600 APs installed around a school. We are finding that once an AP has over 30ish client connected then everything grinds to a halt. No one else can get on and those connected can’t really browse anything.

Made some previous tweaks to the RF settings as recommended by support but still no joy.

Any suggestions?

airtime fairness is enabled ?

Can you please answer to below queries to understand more about the issue

  1. What is the software version that is running on the AP ?
  2. All clients are connected to 2.4GHz radio or 5GHz radio ?
  3. What type of traffic running on the clients when this issue happens ?

Can you please share the techsupport file of the AP when this issue happens to my email id ashok.kumar@cambiumnetworks.com

Please add type clients used ( Apple phone or Apple clients or any App based data traffic video streaming ) . Please add clients connected details info with config details . Is it specific clients not able to connect or all clients .

APs are running fireware 4.2-r15

Majority of clients are on 5Ghz.

We have issues just running web traffic when the problems occur. That also leads to online videos not working which disrupts the lessons.

Clients are Windows based. No iOS or Android.

Please take techsupport & share to us whenever it hit this problematic condition .

A copy of the log can be downloaded https://tmesouthwest-my.sharepoint.com/:u:/g/personal/andrew_tme_co_uk/ERXpN4a6L-RIqNbZFmBTS6gBMyw55OXknc-wqilg0KkxUw?e=WmyxpU

The issue occurred between 9-10am this morning

Thanks Andrew for sharing the logs we will check the logs and get back to you.

Here in our lab with your configuration we are not seeing any issue. 64 Clients are connected to AP and able to run the traffic on those clients. We have few more queries to know more about this issue

  1. From the logs client dis-connectivity issue is seen with D8-C0-A6 Azurewave wifi clients. Are you seeing issue only with this clients or with any client?
  2. How frequently you are observing this issue ?
  3. Is this issue observed only with one particular AP or all APs ? If it is observed on other AP’s then please share the AP techsupport files of those AP’s.