E700 Mesh issues?

Has anyone tried using the mesh feature with only e700s?

We've tried at two different locations and changed in both instances to using an e700 base with e500 mesh clients.  The client e700s would drop from the mesh and not reconnect nor connect to the recovery ssid.  After attempting to replicate in our office,  we can't get the client e700s to drop, though we get less packet loss and lower latency to the e500 clients vs the e700 clients.

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Could you please share E700s config files(Both mesh base and mesh client) to pvsr.gupta@cambiumnetworks.com.

We are having seriuos porblems with the mesh on our first E700 deployment.  The mesh will run fine for a random period of time and then drop.  Once the mesh drops, the network is essentially unusuable.     

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Hi Yougur,

Can you please attach TechSupport of MeshBase and MeshClient when the issue is reproduced?



I am looking into the E700 and want to know does mesh work or not? Look's like it has a problem which has not be addressed by Cambium yet?

Also why is it that Cambium never follows up on any product product problems that are posted in this forum?

The mesh works.  I will say you get less packet loss using an e700 mesh base with e500 clients.  Cambium was helpful, while not following up in this thread we had a dialog via email.

What do you think of the performance?  Are you using it outside?  Thank's for any input.

Performance is good for us, but we can rarely provide over 20Mb to our locations  We use it outside to connect different facilities at a drilling rig. Not having to run cables in an environment where they are easily damaged has been a big plus and we intend to roll this out to all drilling locations.

Fighting it here.
No help from Cambium.

Please start a new thread describing what you’ve tried and what issues you’re running into.

Can you please elaborate what is the issue that you are facing with mesh ?
What is the firmware version running on these devices ?
can you please share us the below requested information which will be helpful in understanding the issue

  1. How AP’s are deployed ?
  2. What is the RSSI between Mesh Base and client ?
  3. Distance between mesh base and mesh client

If possible can you please share me techsupport files of mesh base and mesh client AP’s on email id ashok.kumar@cambiumnetworks.com