E700 Poor Signal Quality

Hi, @Cambium_Emilio,
I would like to show you the performance images of the e700 only that I cannot find the reason for the poor signal:



What would be your opinion on the quality that reaches 11% in the worst scenario.


Could you please post RF Quality index from AP GUI.

I’m not sure where to get that list, I think this is it, can you tell me where to get the information?

Please refer below screenshot on AP:


This is the RF Quality index


RF Quality points out AP is seeing connected clients with respect to SNR / RSSI. RF-Quality calculated based on all connected clients SNR to AP.
RF-quality Bar
/* SNR Average from all clients connected to this radio
100-80: 4 bar excellent
79-50: 3 bar good
49-25: 2 bar average
24-0 : 1 bar poor
I see your yours RF-Quality shows 1 bar (Average SNR of all clients : 11%) . Average of all clients connected are to far from AP. Throughput of far connected will be bad so to indicate RF-Quality bar made to poor