eAlign Chain 0 / Chain 1 weirdness

With much of the gear, it's labeled H and V on the connectors.  With the Force300c - they are labeled CH0 and CH1 on them.  So, today we're aiming in another PTP link, and we are getting wonky eAlign results, so I ask the tower guy to make sure the pigtails are tight.  I then ask him to remove one (just to see what happens) and this is what we see in eAlign vs the physical connections.

We physically disconneced CH1 Pigtail - and in eAlign Ch0 (and extCh0) go into -90's



Maybe they should label them like the PTP 550  " A and B "  then they can't be backwards because who is to say A is 0 and B is 1 or H or V or  ... 

The F4000 will have 6 ports, 2 rpsma, 1 Male N, one Female N and 2 new custom type connectors requiring a special made tool and lable them  ch7, A , H, 11, ≈ and ╙  .    



You made my day with your comment.