Easyer ways to program SM's???

Right now I have to go through and manually change all the settings we use. I was wondering if there is a way to program 1 radio with the settings that that are always the same for us. Then dump an image of that and load it onto future sm’s so that Im only ever left with a few settings I have to manually go in and change.

one of our engineers developed a script that takes about 5 minutes to program our radios to the specs we need. no way could we do 150+ installs a month without it.

Any chance of you sharing that script?

i’d have to check with him to see what he thought about that. its a batch script which emulates keystrokes, as if you were sitting there typing the stuff in. its got all our propietary information in it, so i dont know if he can give a generic copy or wot. i’ll ask him sometime & get back to ya.

I would also be interested in this! If you can give a “stipped” down version, I’d be happy to accept as well.

I created a solution that ‘automates’ provisioning of the equipment…somewhat.

It uses PHP/MySQL/Apache…Installer plugs in radio, brings up a webpage, punches in Site Location details selects bandwidth package, color code, and clicks submit. Those are the essentials to this, but there are other options the installer can choose from if it is so stated on the paperwork. This works with 7.3.6 software, as I haven’t tested with 8.x.x as there has been no need. Once the radio is configured, the information is dumped to a mysql db that holds IP addresses for the custom Network/IP management interface I developed for techs/installers here which enables easy lookups of customers that call in based on IP/MAC/Name/Phone/Acct No.

Quick snapshot – this is an old snapshot actually. I’ve implemented a few other features that aren’t shown here…but you get the idea.

Here’s a couple screenshots of what I call PIPM: http://www.techish.net/projects/pipm.html

I think a lot of the guys here use IPPLAN or something similar…I like to be creative on rainy days I 'spose. =)

Looks cool!