eDetect Device Instant Health Reference

dev_instant_health.pngThe eDetect tool (not available in ePTP Slave mode) is used to measure the 802.11 interference at the ePMP radio or system when run from the AP, on the current operating channel.

When the tool is run, the ePMP device processes all frames received from devices not connected to the ePMP system and collects the interfering frame’s information such as MAC Address, RSSI, and MCS.

Use the eDetect page to collect information about interferers locally at the AP/SM to display on the GUI.

The eDetect Device Instant Health attribute gives a visual snapshot of detected device channel conditions::

Green: Indicates that the channel is relatively clean and has good C/I levels (>25dB). The interference level is low.

Yellow: Indicates that the channel has moderate or intermittent interference (C/I between 10dB and 25dB).

Red: Indicates that the channel has high interference and poor C/I levels (<10dB).

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