Editing MAC address in license file

This MAC based licensing is begging for a problem. If our NIC fails, the system will be down while waiting for a new .lic file to be generated, and we can only do it once per year as I understand it. For 3 grand, you would think this would be a product we own, rather than a pain in the neck.

So what happens if I just change the MAC in the .lic file? will it work with the replacement NIC while we ait for Moto to do their thing?


You cannot just change the MAC in the license file, all the keys generated are based on the MAC address.

If you look in the manual you will see the section on how to change the MAC address, more commonly known as cloning.

Althought all my installs have been Linux based, I have had to support a couple of Windows users in changing those properties for one of two reasons, they entered the wrong MAC address when setting up the license file or the NIC card has failed.

The procedure is pretty straight forward for doing so, in one of your previous posts you could have done this as well to bypass the wait for the license file to be updated with the right MAC address.


you are referring to changing the MAC on the NIC card right, not within Prizm?

That is correct, the MAC within the operating system can be changed.