Effective January 28 - Version Requirements for New Devices

Effective January 28th, all new devices added into your cnMaestro account must have the recommended minimum version (or newer). WiFi devices will automatically be updated to the recommended version when they first connect to cnMaestro.

(New Info)  For new ePMP AP/SM(s) that are being claimed after 28-Jan, there will be a new configurable feature in cnMaestro. By default, this feature will be disabled and you will need to upgrade the device before claiming it. When enabled, this feature will automatically upgrade any newly claimed ePMP AP/SM devices to the recommended minimum version.

Newly claimed devices that are not running the recommended minimum software version will not appear in the onboarding queue.

Devices that are already managed by cnMaestro can maintain their versions until the end of February, at which point, they must be upgraded to the recommended minimum version (or newer) otherwise they will lose their connection to cnMaestro.

Platform                        Recommended Minimum Version

ePMP 1000                    2.6

ePMP 1000 Hotspot   1.6-r20

cnPilot R200/R201      4.2-R3

cnPilot E400                  1.6-r20

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Here is further update on this topic. We updated cnMaestro to enforce recommended minimum version for all new devices getting onboarded into cnMaestro. As communicated through Forum and built-in cnMaestro Notification, we have added a new feature in cnMaestro to enable/disable auto update of new WiFi/ePMP devices, in case they are trying to onboard with running software version below than the recommended minimum version. This feature is present in cnMaestro UI under Manage -> Settings. Please see attached screenshot for more details.

Currently by default, auto update for WiFi devices (cnPilot R200/R201, ePMP 1000 Hotspot, cnPilot E400) is enabled and disabled for ePMP AP/SM devices. Please review these settings for your respective accounts and make the changes based on your requirements.

Please remember that if auto update feature is disabled for a product family (WiFi/ePMP) and devices are trying to onboard with running software version below than the recommended minimum version, system will reject onboarding and it will not appear in the onboarding queue. You will see below error on device UI as part of cnMaestro Connection Status:

“Incompatible Software Version With cnMaestro”

In order to get them onboarded, either you need to enable auto update feature or update device to recommended minimum version (or higher).

In case auto update feature is enabled, then devices going through auto software update to recommended minimum version might show the cnMaestro Connection Status as below on device UI:


But device will not appear in the onboarding queue because it is going through software update in background and it will start appearing in the onboarding queue once auto software update to recommended minimum version is complete. So please don’t get concerned in case you see your device showing connected but not being shown in the onboarding queue. On few occasions, we have seen that devices have taken even more than 40 minutes to complete software update based on their download speed. In case you see your device connected for a really long duration (probably more than an hour) and still not appearing in the onboarding queue, please check running software version on device. If it is still not showing recommended minimum version, then it means that still device is not successfully updated to recommended minimum version.