Electrical shorts?

Recently one of our APs went offline, the CMM4 was showing a power fault on the port it was plugged into.

I turned off the port and went to the site to check it out. I found that there was a scorch mark on the RJ-45 connector of that AP’s Ethernet cable. I cut off the connector and reterminated it. It’s working fine now, but I wonder what caused it to burn and will it happen again.

Has anyone experienced anything like this?

Are you using a 56V power supply to power 320/430 APs, a 30V power supply to power Canopy equipment or both?

Our PMP320s are receiving 56V from the CMM4 ports.
The CMM4 is fed with a 30V power supply.

You will also need a 56V power supply feeding the CMM4 to provide the 56V power the 320 access points require.

I was mistaken, the CMM4 is fed by 56V.

The only thing I would recommend is to make sure the CMM4 is attached to a known good Earth Ground. One of the 56 VDC blocks on the CMM4 has 2 terminals while the other has 3 (top right corner). The third terminal provides the grounding point.

Product Alert : CMM4 power supply change

This advisory only affects operators using a CMM4 that supplies power to both 30V devices (PMP100 radios) and 56V devices (PMP430 or PMP320 radios). The new 30V replacement model ACPS120WA power supply does NOT require the 1k 5W resistor on the CMM4 29V terminals (This new 30V power supply was made available for order around December 3, 2010). The phased out 30V model ACPS112WA power supply will always require a 1k 5W resistor when a 56V supply is present. Since both power supplies look identical, see the label under the power supply to identify the model.

Power supply model ACPS112WA requires a 1k 5W resistor across the 30V DC input terminal of the CMM4 when both 30V AND 56V are present. Doing so will prevent the 30V power supply to not always come out of sleep mode with a light load. The power supply will attempt to come out of sleep mode, and if it does not see sufficient load it goes into a sleep/recovery cycle that is observable by watching the 30V LED on the port connector turn on and off.

Power supply Model ACPS120WA has been updated to satisfy the European Union's Energy Level 5 requirement and DOES NOT require a 1k 5W resistor.

POINT OF CONTACT: Please contact Technical Support @ 866-961-9288, or email technical-support@canopywireless.com if you have additional questions.

Maybe some thing to do with this? This was on the Field Alert forum.

Lightning strike?
Water tracked down cable shorted between positive and ground pins?

We have 4 320 APs running 56v that all shorted overnight in the same way described above. The odd part is the CMM powers a spare radio on the ground fine and each AP can be powerd up using a free run 56v poe independent of the CMM. Even after climbing the tower and recrimping and testing cable the 4 APs fault through the cmm. Has anyone ever ancountered an issue like this?