Elevate licence on AP not showing up ePmP2000 lite

Today I loaded a new licence code onto an ePmP2000 lite to allow it to have 3 Elveated radios connected to it. It

took the code ok, and I double (and triple) checked that I did actually use the correct code generated on the

licence entitilement page on the support web site

I'm running FW 3.2.2 as I was wary of 3.3 and even 3.41 reboot issues, 3.3.2 seems fine for us so if it anint


I have successfully loaded and used these entitlements before, however it was 20 licences on a 'full not a lite


I have also just tried loading a licence code for one ePmP elevate SM onto an ePmP2000 full (running 3.2.2) and the licence does show up!

Anyone else see this before?

Out of interest, I tried to licence one Elevate SM to another 'factory fresh' ePmP2000 AP running 3.2.2 and it worked!. So I deduced that this issue seems only to affect Lites'. Now maybe this is documented somewhere but I couldnt find it.

 I contacted Cambium support and received the answer as follows "Solution/Suggestion Provided: ePMP lite can not be used for applying elevate license as there is a limitation for now. We have to upgrade the ePMP lite to full version and then only the elevate feature will work"

Since I couldn't get a lite to full licence upgrade until the USA woke for business, I said I would try updating the firmware anyway; reading through the release notes there was no mention of fixing this specific bug, but it did mention a bugfix that 'Lites' sometimes forgot their SM capacity after a firmware upgrade and that this had been fixed in 3.4.1, so I said I'd try it, and lo and behold, the Elevate licences appeared on the AP!

So now I have ordered a 'Lite' to 'Full' upgrade licence that I didn't really need right now. I will get it anyway as I'm optimistic that it will be needed someday, but still not a good thing to happen!


We did not support Elevate on Lite APs until 3.3 release. So, if you tried to load Elevate licenses on release 3.2.2 or earlier you will see that it is zero'd out. 

In 3.3 and newer releases, we support Elevate on Lite APs. Our support team is now aware of this and hopefully you will use the Full AP entitlement that you purchased, eventually.