Elevate Mikrotik with IPBIN program

I came into possession of the “IPBIN” program, which allows unconditional writing of firmware on hardware based on the MIPSBE platform.
It is very useful for me to elevate Mikrotik devices that have new firmware, that is, where Cambium’s elevate program does not work.
It works on every Mikrotik device has SPI flash memory regardless of the firmware version.
Watch this video link :

You can look up the software at this website:http://www.swarg.eu/


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A very interesting program elevates Mikrotik LDF 5nD
Include subtitle with video.


el precio es muy elevado 10 euros por equipo seria bueno 5 euros por equipo por cuanto incluso se tiene que comprar licencia para que acepte los equipos elevados seria bueno que pueda ayudar a la comunidad disminuyendo el pecio

The prices on the web page are list prices (2-10 euros per device) and don’t include discounts.
For everyone who wants to try the demo license is free of charge.

The new v0.3.0 version supports now UBNT devices

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does elevate work anymore? i thought that the ap doesnt get elevate feature anymore?

Of course, it’s working.
Even if they stop the support from a new X.X.X version if the future, you can run an older version on the AP that supports elevates.

oh good.I thought we couldnt by licenses anymore.

As I know there are still selling licenses (even offering them for free) to convert WISPs to Cambium gear

In my opinion, it’s just that you may not be in the region of interest for elevating and getting the answer it’s not supported anymore.