Elevate Status

What is the status of Elevate? I know UBNT was suing a bunch of people over its use. Do i bother investing in Elevate or is it going to be ruled no longer permissible? 

We dont need to be getting sued by UBNT becuase they have an inferior product 

Elevate is still going strong and recieving firmware updates, although new radio support is being put on the back burner until ePMP 3000's firmware is dialed in! UBNT has only brought litigation against 3 parties thus far... Cambium, Winncom (a major distributor), and Blip Networks (a customer). This was clearly meant as a warning shot to create FUD with distro's and customers.

While I'm not a lawyer, I have read quite a bit on this case and my arm chair view on this is that this is a big frivolous lawsuit filed by UBNT to slow down Cambium and also instill a bit a fear into both the Cambium and Ubiquiti community.

I'd bet money that it's either settled out of court and it's business as usual for Cambium or the case is thrown out in Cambium's favor.

So to answer your question... I highly doubt you'd be sued and I don't think there's a compelling enough reason to put the breaks on elevating at this time.