Elevate subscriber failing over to AP without Elevate license

We are considering a complete migration from Ubiquiti to ePMP/Elevate.  I currently install 3 or 4 (or more) APs on a tower providing primary coverage for a service area.  I install an omni on top of a tower and power it off until an AP goes down, then I power on the AP and configure the omni with SSID of down AP.  Subscribers come back up (albeit not as great as while on sector, but they're up nonetheless).  Once down AP issue is resolved, I reverse the steps to get back into primary mode.

I do not want to have to pay double for licensing the omni and there's not a means to use a pooled license resource yet.  Is it possible to configure an Elevate sub to connect primarily to an ePMP2000 AP with Elevate licenses, but failover (possibly with 'Standard WiFi Mode') to an ePMP200 AP without Elevate licenses?  I DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO MAKE A TRUCK ROLL TO EACH SUB.  

I use a unique SSID for each sector and would have the omni powered off until an AP died, then I would turn it on and apply that SSID to the omni (but the omni would be in 'Standard WiFi Mode').

No, there's not currently any way that would work, that I'm aware of.

The first problem being, that ePMP Elevate SMs don't support standard wifi mode, but also the SMs can't automatically switch into standard wifi mode (every SM would have to manually be changed from TDD to standard wifi mode).

The only way to do it currently is to put an ePMP elevate license on the backup AP - but you wouldn't have to actually license the AP until you needed to use it - you could just keep some ePMP elevate entitlements on hand, that could be applied to any AP almost instantly. That way, if you never need to use the backup, you wouldn't ever have to licesnse that AP - you could also save some money by using lite APs for the backups, and just keeping an upgrade license on hand for when they were needed.

Thanks for helping with a solution!