Elevate with long distance (10~20 km)

Did somebody had problem with elevate on long distance ?

We are upgrading our tower of last resort to connect customer, a one at top of a mountain that cover all of our area so we connect their customers when the're no line of sight anywhere else.

The tower owner build a new one so, since we must move the AP, we choose by the way to use elevate and swap radio for ePMP 2000 to add GPS sync to the setup. Antenna are RF Element carrier horn 30°.

What happen is that some XM (nanobridge 25 db) won't connect. When it's happen, XM won't even detect the AP. We think it's distance related since those that won't connect have signal around -70 or less. Those with better signal seem to work fine. I have a test link not connect at 16 km.

We tested it on lab and it seem to not be signal related since we were able to connnect up to -80 by just blocking signal.

That not a noise problem since swaping the XM for a force 200 fix the problem. Cambium support only told us to try SM target receive level to -70 instead of -60, that everything else in the config seem fine.

I have a week to change all of those, 200 radios, on a new tower until the begin to dismount the old one so it's impossible to swap 200 radios in a week. I wonder if anybody have an idea or if I must swap those ePMP for Rocket Gen 2 that now also have GPS sync compatible with XM radios.

What specific frequency are you using? A lot of ubiquiti can’t use dfs in elevated and that feels like your issue

5815 with 20 mhz channel bandwidth so no, seem not like a DFS issue.

Thanks for the reply.