EMail like the big boys

Check it out:

I just moved a domain over - took about an hour. Works fine - pretty painless. Now I have all the benefits of Google (not a bad name to be partnered with) for free, with options for premium services.

I have a mail server that is getting close to overload. Highly likely I will move some of the domains we host over to this service.

Looks good whats the cost after may? Email is a pain!!!

For the basic it’s free (2GB mailbox, etc)

For the advanced it’s 50/user/year (10GB box, no ads, etc)

There is a comparison between free, advanced, and educational.

I’m not sure if you can mix and match accounts within a domain or if the whole domain is either basic or advanced.

Hi Jerry,

Just wondering how your email with google is going?

I moved a domain over. So far so good.

We are still looking at moving everything over. Right now users can self provision and we lose that with Google unless we go with the premium version and use the API’s. That’s a pretty serious effort and initial cost.

Still, there are some pretty convincing reasons to go with it. For one, no server to maintain. For another it’s very scalable.