Enable Interference

Hello Famaily,

I am planning a PTP link of aBOU 22KM and we are planning to put there ePMP1000 with the dish. As am doing the plan , it came out well with good performance but when I enabled the interfernce option in the link plan. The perfromance was degraded significantly. Am now askinking what is thee importance of enabling this interference box duiring link planning?.

Hi Emma,

If you are installing your radios in an area with background noise from other users in the same frequency band, then the performance is likely to be degraded. A default value is provided by LINKPlanner when the interference option is enabled. This value is dependent on the frequency band and bandwidth, but it can be adjusted by the user based on local measurements. Several of our products have spectrum analysis built in, which allows accurate measurements of the noise level seen by the radio. This can then be added into LINKPlanner. If you have other equipment in the area then this may also give an idea of the likely interference level.

If interference is likely to be a problem and you plan without using it, then the predictions from LINKPlanner may be optimistic compared with the performance achieved when the radios are deployed.



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