Enable mgmtVLAN over Telnet

Dear all,

       I've erroneously disabled the mgmtVLAN, so I'm not able to access my AP by web interface. The only way is by MAC Telnet and it works.

Anyway I've tried to enable the mgmtVLAN again, reading the CLI manual, but it doesn't works, maybe I'm doing something wrong, see the client output:

  *             ePMP command line interface             *

>config set mgmtVLANEnable 1
Error: Parameter "1" doesn't exist

Also the command "config save" gives me this output, is it correct?

>config save
lua: /etc/clish/configapply.lua:9: attempt to concatenate field '?' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
        /etc/clish/configapply.lua:9: in main chunk
        [C]: ?

Thanks in advance for your help! Mauro

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Which FW version is running on your AP?

You are using correct commands to enable Mgmt VLAN.

Thank you.

It's 3.5 no GPS, latest version, upgraded just 2 days ago and it's connected the other end as TDD PTP.

One more info I connect by a Mikrotik router using MAC telnet function.

         Thanks, Mauro

I am not able to reproduce issue on my setup in the lab with 3.5.1 Release.

Could you please check whether issue is reproducible on 3.5.1 Release?

Is issue reproducible only on one particular device?

Thnak you.

I have exactly the same issue.

You must set a vlan id before you enable the vlan. Also make sure you are using the correct symbol as the non gps units have 2 management vlan symbols.

Personally, I would set the port with an access vlan of the management vlan top of the trunk settings. In cisco speak this would be setting the native vlan on the trunk. In a cisco switch this creates an access port on the same port as the trunk without dropping the trunking functions. 

Recover your vlan settings and remove the access config from that port.

If you can get to the tower easily, just plan an quick outage to plug directly in and config the vlan.

The thing is, i can even permorm 'show config'  or whatever command i try, I always get this:


>show config
lua: /etc/clish/configshow.lua:45: attempt to concatenate local 'session_id' (a nil value)
stack traceback:
/etc/clish/configshow.lua:45: in main chunk
[C]: ?


Can't permorm config save either config apply;

But only occurs with l2 conections, l3 conections works fine


Please let us check the issue. It happens only with the mac-telnet, right?


The issue is fixed on 4.4.2 Fw and newer.

Thank you.